Video software needed for Tomplayer

Jan 1, 2008
I have been looking for a software package that will -

*Batch join .avi's from my canon powershot camera. The batch joiner needs to be able to join video files that are of different sampling rates, frame rates, etc. These .avi's are motion jpeg type codec and I have heard that they can be more difficult to work with

*Burn to dvd

*Convert video files to different formats as well as convert video files suitable for upload to be viewed on internet (ok quality video, very small file size)

I have tried a bunch and each so far has had its share of problems. The program Super has been awesome, but does not batch join and sometimes has trouble with the .avi codec the canon powershot uses.

Pls let me know what you think the best all-in-one video editing/converting/dvd software package is.
It relates to TomTom's in that many people will install Tomplayer (a media player) into thier TT's. In order to use this player, often many small video files need to be joined together, or the sampling rate needs to be adjusted, or the resolution or file format etc.

I use my Powershot digital camera as a camcorder so when I am done, I need to use a program to quickly join the 5 to 50 video files it may have created that day.

I finally gave in and purchased adobe premier elements 7. I have not really formed an opinion on it yet and will post the results afer using it a few times.

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