VIA 1500 Not Connecting

Aug 1, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
VIA 1500M; One 3rd Edition
Just tried to update and MyDrive keeps telling me to connect. I DO see TomTom listed as a network infrastructure device but nothing from MyDrive. I hesitate to do a factory reset.

Always get good help here.


Worst case, factory reset will remove your favorites and recent destinations, and you'll have to put settings back to the way you like them configured. Still, not sure why it should be necessary.

Is it correct to say that MyDrive fires up a browser window when you do connect your unit, but that the MyDrive window that comes up keeps requesting that you connect your device? Or are we talking about the info that comes up with the systray icon?
Interesting development. I have a dual boot system (XP & 7) so I decided to boot into XP and it works fine. I'll boot back into 7 later and see if anything changes.



You may have to run both the installer and then the program in compatibility mode on Win7. Haven't run across that in a while, but it did solve Win7 issues earlier on. Give that a try.

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