Using existing TomTom account with new device


Sep 22, 2006
CA Bay Area
TomTom Model(s)
It took several calls to support over a few days to get this sorted out. I replaced my old unit with a 920, and since I had maps and services assigned to my old account, I replaced the unit on the account.

This all worker OK at the beginning, and I even ended up with both NA and European Maps upgrades to 810 (only supposed to get one).

But the fun began when I paired my BB 8120 with the unit. With a few manual settings, that went OK at first. BUT when i tried to connect with Plus Service (Weather, Traffic, etc) I kept on getting message that service had been purchased for different device, go to Services.

I did, and in the TOP service menu, it had me pick the device , software version, and enter the device code. It said changes were made to the account ok.

Then tried to connect again, and same message.

Called support, and they tried manually re-setting from there - no change.
Another support person had me remove the connection, restore factory settings, and re-set up the connection. Weather worked OK initially, but as soon as I tried traffic - message again - and then again when I tried Weather.

A few more calls, and the last one had me do what I had considered also - use a different account, and then Plus service all came up OK, but with only 1 month traffic trial. He apologized that TT had not been able to figure out a way to use Plus services with my original account

I went on to, logged in, then went and to services, and then to the traffic page to see how long my subscription there was for,

Then I noticed something - which is the reason am posting this - there was a reset icon and it said to use Plus services - to reset the device. I did - and all service now work with my original account on the 920. Apparently setting the device code on the top Service page only is not enough. TT support never suggested trying that.

So - if you are getting a new device and want to use your existing account - make note of the above.

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