Using a TomTom with a Garmin Nuvi mount

Jan 22, 2013
The Hague, the Netherlands
TomTom Model(s)
XL IQ Routes Europe 45
I've moved to The Hague, the Netherlands, and want to start using my TomTom XL with my Garmin Universal Friction mount as there are loads of roadworks and map changes that my Garmin 1490T can't handle. At work I'm driving my bosses brand new car so I cannot install any clips and the windscreen is too far away. He has Mercedes Becker satnav installed but it too is full of errors. I'm hoping I will be able to manually update my XL to avoid the roadworks etc.

So I figure it is better to use my excellent Garmin beanbag mount than buy a TomTom one which doesn't seem to be nearly as good if I can go on the reviews.

I've read but I am looking for a cradle for my XL that will clip onto the Gamin 17mm ball.
One idea is to use a Brodit/ Pro-Clip to suit the car as these don't use screws they simply clip in to the dash locking in to the gaps between certain parts of the trim.

What follows shows how I secured an TT XL in to my Volvo, Brodit supply a TomTom diameter "Ball" which makes this easy:

First off you will need a Pro-Clip to suit your vehicle, there are loads to choose from, and the Brodit TomTom Ball which, in this case was salvaged from an x40 Brodit Mount, but a Brodit/ TomTom style ball is now available under the part number of 533091 directly from Brodit/ ProClip, here the Brodit "Ball" is attached to the Pro-Clip sat next to the standard Easy Port windscreen mount:

Look above the hinge line and you will see two small rubber plugs, these need to be removed (they simply flick out using your finger nails) to reveal two Philips head screws:

Remove the two screws and the mount comes apart very easily:

Place the old windscreen sucker part to one side and re-assemble the ring portion of the Easy-Port mount to the Brodit Ball by trapping the ball between the easy port ring and top cap, secure in to position using the two screws, these only need to be nipped up do not over tighten:

The Pro-Clip plus the Easy-Port secured in to my car (Ovlov V70), the Brodit Pro-Clip simply clips over the airvent securing to the structure either side of the vent to provide a solid mount for the navigation device, no holes are needed and if removed no traces of it being fitted are left in the car:

Finally, what does it look like with the device attached, if you want the device higher up rotate the entire mounting ring through 180 degrees and the device sits 75MM (3") higher (shown in the low position):
Hi Mike, thanks very much for taking the time to write up your detailed reply.

However, I'm sure my boss would not like me clipping and unclipping things into the vents on his new Merc!

I need something like a beanbag mount that can be installed and removed in seconds.

I have an excellent Garmin Universal Friction mount. I am looking for a cradle for my XL to fit a 17mm Garmin Nuvi ball.

I have been using my Garmin but although it has lifetime map updates it simply has too many map errors like temporary roadworks, one-way streets that have been temporarily reversed etc. So I am hoping my XL will be better as I can make my own map corrections.
Trust me the entire Brodit assembly shown including the clip which straddles the vent rather than being clipped to it can be removed in seconds and it leaves no trace that it was ever there before, worth considering - Mike
canderson, you are right to spell out the obvious but I suppose the objection I have over simply getting a TomTom beanbag is:
[1] the TomTom beanbag still relies on the oft times unreliable and fiddly Easyport (EZ port) mount,
[2] consequently it gets a significantly worse Amazon rating than the Garmin one (4.1 vs. 4.8),
[3] it costs 8 quid more than the Garmin one, and I resent paying more for an inferior product,
[4] I already have a Garmin mount.

Mike, I thanks for the follow up but I am really looking for a universal solution so I can use my TomTom as easily as my Garmin in my other cars as well.
Sadly, the two companies' hardware mechanical engineers haven't standardized the size of their balls, so they can't share mounts.

Geez, did I type that?

It would be a lot easier if we were only dealing with one mount style, too, but TomTom seems to find it necessary to have at least 3 concurrent versions, and changes them up every couple of years.
The TomTom ball diameter is 15,90MM slightly less than the Garmin standard ball which is 17,12MM (Both are shown in this picture for comparison).

- Mike
This has just been released slots into dash CD player slot

What size are the balls, and how do you select the appropriate one? 3 mounted so close together would prohibit mounting of the device, so I assume 1 or more can be removed, or ???
The CD Slot Mount's 3 industry standard car accessory 17mm balls offer different locations for mounting onto the CD Slot Mount with a range of different holders.

Extensive design work and careful attention to detail means if required you can even mount your mobile phone on another ball at the same time with plenty of room for adjustment.

Please see pictures showing some different options available which simply fit onto any of the new CD Slot Mount balls.

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"industry standard car accessory 17mm balls"
Unfortunately, TomTom doesn't follow the 'industry standard'. The TomTom runs about 15.9mm. See posts earlier in this thread.
You'd need to shave these down a bit to make them fit properly. 1mm doesn't sound like much, but it is in this application.

What I can't sort is how there's a TomTom being shown on this site:
With the CD Slot Mount you do not use the tomtom ball you simply attach your sat nav weather its a tomtom Garmin ect to the fitting that CD Slot Mount supply and attach fitting directly to the CD Slot Mount 17mm ball like this one for a tomtom V4

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