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Jan 21, 2012
Rutland UK
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GO LIVE 1000
Just purchased GO LIVE 1000, a number of the Menue screens that appear on my device are quite differant from the User Guide that comes down from TomTom. Any ideas where I can get the correct version
Where did you get yours?

You haven't put in your profile where you are from, so I won't give a direct link, but if you go to the main TomTom website for your country, then click on "support" you'll see a section for "Manuals and User Guides". Either click on that text ot the "more" below it and then select "user guides" in the upper drop-down box and your model in the lower one. Then select "Go 1000 Reference guide"

Most of the main menus on my Go1000 match that downloaded manual.

Can you be more specific about some of the differences you're seeing?
Hi Andy_P Amazon UK
1. Thank you for reply, I’m based in UK. I have used the User Guide/Manual via Support. First item is not from the Guide but I needed to check the Map Version on my device on the first screen of Support “How to” questions “Check Map Version” Instructions are From the main menu, tap Settings. Tap Status & Information. Tap Version information. There is not a Status & Information icon. I have since discovered a separate icon “Version information” Simple really once you know how I know but took some finding.
Creating a Favourite Instruction from manual is: 1. Tap the screen to bring up the Main Menu. 2. Tap Settings to open the Settings menu. 3. Tap Manage Favourites. 4. Tap Add. 5. Select the type of the Favourite by tapping one of the buttons described below: There is not a “Manage Favourites” icon. Again I have discovered how to do this but it takes time and would be so much easier if the manual was up to date, hence my question.
If I have entered anything incorrectly I apologise but have never used a forum before. Regards
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OK, you're right. There are a few differences deeper down in the menus.
With each software revision TT like to "simplify" the wording on the menu icons to remove what they now seem to think are big scary words.
The icons themselves usually stay the same.

"Status and Information" became "Version Information" and has now dumbed down further to "Me and my device".

But "Settings -> Manage Favourites" only changed to "Settings -> Favourites" with the same "Star" icon.
That's not too hard to fathom is it?

As it's an ongoing process, the manuals will always tend to lag behind.
You could try contacting TomTom Customer Services and request they hurry up with an updated version.
Thank you Andy_P. I was not being over crictical but thought there was another route that I had missedd to a current manual, I take the points you stated. I assume this thread has to be eneded, how do you do that. Is there a tutorial on how to use this forum?

No, I think you make a fair point.
TomTom have never really produced manual updates when they tweak the user interface, but usually the changes do tend to be just cosmetic with a word change here and there.
I guess some of us "old hand" just take it for granted, but let them off too easily.

No need to close the thread. Other people may like to chip in.
and if not it will just slip down the list of recent posts and into the past.

I don''t THINK I've ever seen a tutorial for posting in forums like this one... was there something specific you wanted to know? (apart from closing topics, which is something only the forum moderators and admin can do).
Just a few queries re site.
1. Does TomTom fund and control the Forums site.
2. What is a Moderator or Super Moderator, are you appointed by TomTom and or employed by TomTom or a volunteer.
3. What should you use to reply to a thread, “Post Reply” or “ Quote”
4. What is the triangle “Report Post” used for?
And one last query, I was looking to see if there was a way to alter a planned route as you can with Google Maps, I could only find some rather older replies that talked about multi “Way” points that now appear to have been withdrawn, any suggestion for my GO LIVE 1000.
Finally just to say I think the site is excellent and the service/replies prompt and accurate, appreciated.
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1. Not at all, this site is independent of the TomTom company.
2. We are just users of the units like yourself. Not funded by anybody. Volunteers who, over time, have worked ourselves to this level.
3. I normally use 'Post Quick Reply' myself. If you are resonding to a post just prior to your reply, no need to use quote. If you're responding to a post earlier in the thread, using 'quote' may be useful for clarity.
4. If you feel the post in question is offensive in any way, use that icon to report the post to us mods. We get around to taking a look at the post in question to see whether there are any issues. Fortunately, my experience has been that people here are pretty civilized in their posting and that function rarely is needed.

The newer models have, at best, 4 waypoints, some have 3. None come close to true itineraries with up to 48 points the older models -- some, anyway -- could handle. Once a route has been established, Options-->Travel via--> and you can add 3 or 4 points that way.
Many thanks for reply. Nice to see Canadian Flag,my parents (dead now) and sister live out in Lacombe, Alberta, they say it's cold cold at the moment. Once again many thanks.
I have found answers to many of the questions I asked about the Forum when I went to FAQ's and entered, by chance or otherwise the following:
Search Word(s): "Download route to TomTom"
Matching Options: "Match Any Words "
Search in: "Search Titles & Text "

With the replies above, all I need to know.

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