Use a cell phone charge for XL340S ?

Dec 1, 2009
My AC charger for my Verizon cell phone, has the same mini-USB type plug on it.
Is it compatible with my Tom Tom XL340S?
Anyone know FOR SURE if the voltage output is ok for the Tom Tom?



thats what i use for mine....should be the same output hasnt gave me a problem on either of my tomtoms
I bought a Rocketfish (generic) AC charger at Best Buy. It had the correct mini USB plug, but the molding around the plug was too large for it to fit into my Tom Tom. Had to return it.
usually usb outputs are the same no matter what the only time i have a problem is if i use a ps3 controller to a phone charger


So I tried connecting my Verizon cell phone AC charger to my XL340s. While the actual metal part of the connector is the right size, the plastic molding on the plug is too large to fit in the hole on my Tom Tom. It makes me think Tom Tom designed it like this on purpose to force you to buy their AC charger.
I found an AC charger at Radio Shack that comes with multiple connectors including the one that fits into the XL340s. It's item #20-448.

It's ridiculous what you have to pay for a charger, but hey what can you do?

Anyway, glad to find one that fits my Tom Tom.
aww cmon like 7$

mini usb small frame molding in usa gotta a bunch here from all kids of devices wk fine but not angled


use a cell phone charger for XL340S?

I use a USB A/C adapter for A/C charging on all my portable electronics. Just plug the equipments USB cable into the adapter and away you go! My adapter came free with my bluetooth headset, but you can pick one up for about 5 bucks.

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