Urgent:TomTom ONE 140 IQ Routes- Map Does Not Work on this Device

I just tried updating to the 835 map, and the upgrade died about 95% into the load. I got the same error as I did the first time I tried to do the upgrade. I checked the size of the map, and it is the smaller version of 835. I'm going to erase the map off my 340S and try to run the update again. I plan on letting it run over night as it takes 4.5+ hours to install the map.

This is my first TomTom, and so far I like the device when it works; however, it's not worth having to deal with all the problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did it quit during the download or the install? If during the install, you might want to look at this link on installing without using Home.

If during the download, are you using a wireless connection? If so, can you switch to a directly connected modem/router. That method is better.

The download went fine, but the update crashed during the install. There is no way of knowing if the file was corrupted, however.

Last night I removed the bad map from the device, and from Home, then tried to update the map; however, Home didn?t offer up the map. I called support this morning and they had me delete the contents of the "download" directory that Home uses. After doing that Home again offered the latest map. It appears that Home determines what updates you have by looking at the "download" directory. I'm about 60% into the install now, and it will take about three hours to install the last 40%.

The support person seemed confident that the map will install now that I removed the map from the device. Because I have the same problem every time I update the map from Home, I asked what the "proper" procedure was to upgrade the map. The agent said that I should remove the old map before installing the new map. It would be nice if they had instructions on how to do a "proper" map update. It would also be nice if Home would remove the old map before installing the new one.

I imagine that with the size of the map, and the limited amount of memory in the 140/340 series, that there is simply not enough memory to load a new map on top of an existing map. Most likely there are temp files created on the device during a map update, and once the memory if full the install crashes.

The support person also told me that they have had a lot of issues with the 140/340 series (and all of the One and XL devices). I hope TomTom get the bugs worked out before the Christmas selling season when everyone will use the LMG to get the latest map!

Thanks for the link on manually installing the maps. Maybe I'll go that route rather then using Home the when the next map is available.
You may also try using a Windows XP system to update the map vs. Vista or Windows 7. There have been several reports on these forums of issues transferring data with or without Home to TomTom 140 or 140s units with those operating systems. I have had problems updating the map and the much smaller application using Windows 7 and Home with a 140. Worked fine from an XP computer.
Well the 835 map did install on my XL 340S. As expected, it took almost five hours to do the update. So it looks like I need to remove the existing map before updating to the new map.

Andydrew: Thanks for the advice. I no longer have any Windows XP machines, however. Considering the security issues with XP, and the fact that I much prefer Vista/Windows 7, I don't see myself going back to XP. If there is an issue with Vista then TomTom really needs to address that as PCs are quickly moving beyond XP. During one of my many tech support calls I asked about the slow transfer speed, and was told that part of the issue is that the One and XL series have a USB 1.1 interface. I have no idea if that is true, especially considering the often contradicting comments I get from TomTom support.
Slowness in updating is different that updates failing. Yes, these units should have a USB 2.x interface - but TomTom likely saved a couple of dollars per unit to put in USB 1.x. Yes it sucks that map updates take forever, but it least it's a 4 times per year issue not a daily issue.

But the main issue at hand here is not that it's slow but that it errors out when installing. Yes, Windows XP is 'obsolete'. But I have seen first hand that the updates seem to work without issue with XP and error out often in Windows 7. Until TomTom gets this fixed, assuming they can, something to be aware of.
I know that Vista has an 'xp compatible' mode. Does W7?

Yes Windows 7 has the compatibility mode that allows you to go back as far as Windows 95. Another new feature in some versions of Windows 7 will be the ability to run Windows XP in a virtual environment. My understanding is that the virtual environment will actually come with a license for XP. Running XP in a virtual session is designed for the remaining few applications that will not run under the compatibility mode.
Hi folks. New Tomtom user here. I just purchased a 140s and will be receiving it in a few days. I'm aware of the map update problem, which led me to this forum.

I'm glad I found this forum because it seems very informative. Plus, it's the first time I'm hearing that the smaller 835 map also gives you a reduced set of POIs. It's been a while since anyone has posted in this thread and I'm wondering if that's still the case or has TomTom fixed it so that you can update your map plus get the larger POI file? I'm guessing that I'll still have to delete voice files not needed to play it safe.

If they haven't addressed this, I'd rather have the larger POI database that came with the unit instead of the map update, unless someone can convince me otherwise; that the map update is worth losing those POIs.

Thanks in advance for your help.
My latest map update to 8.40 went smoothly.

I haven't read this whole thread to see who reported otherwise, but the size of the POI file was not reduced in the version of 8.35 I installed.

Of course, I wouldn't necessarily complain if the size of the POI file were downsized if it meant that duplicate POIs were removed.

Thanks for your reply and helpful info. From what I understand in reading through this thread, as a test, if the POI list is reduced, "Borders Bookstore" won't appear anymore when searched.

Also, did you have to delete any files (like voice files) for the map update to take? Thanks again.
The Borders Bookstores in my area are still listed in the database. The only voice I have installed is the Susan computer voice. I have 162 mb of free space after installing the 8.40 map.
Thanks. Now I have to decide if I want to go through some of the headaches some of you have with these map updates. I have low and high end Garmin units (Streetpilots and nuvis) and they don't seem to have problems to this extent. But Garmin has dumbed down their units--taking away many routing options--so I figured I'd give TomTom a shot. I'm also going to try and find out if the "lite" 2G map version for the 140s (and 340) cuts the POI database in half as some have claimed.

Does anyone know if the limited storage space affects Map Share updates and IQ routes? Is there a potential to not have enough storage when updating and getting Map Share and IQ route corrections via the computer (TomTom Home)?
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All I can say is that my 8.40 USA/CAN/MEX map installed fine. I have the larger POI database. I have never had any difficulty whatsoever in getting mapshare updates.

The lite version which some are referring to is of the North American (US/CAN) map. This is the version that has the smaller POI database. You do not have to use that version on your 140S.

Going by the latest experience most of us have had updating our 140/340 units, TomTom has fixed the earlier problems.
Does anyone know if the limited storage space affects Map Share updates and IQ routes? Is there a potential to not have enough storage when updating and getting Map Share and IQ route corrections via the computer (TomTom Home)?

You don't get "updates" for IQRoutes with TomTom Home. They are changed/updated only with the purchase of a new map. As for Mapshare updates, those are very small and take up little space.
Thanks gatorguy and theparson. You've been very helpful and answered my concerns.

Now that I know that the maps come with the full POI database, I'll be less hesitant to upgrade to the 8.40 USA/CAN/MEX maps when I get the unit.
My TomTom 140S came with v825.2197 maps. Last night using TomTom Home with the latest map guarantee option I updated the maps and now have v835.2460 Why did it not upgrade to 8.40? :confused:
Call TomTom and complain. You obviously did not get the latest map, and it's not your fault that the TomTom feature didn't work as advertised when you used it. You may have to be very firm about it when you call.
Do you not see the version that is going to be installed prior to it installing? If not, how do you know you're getting the full US/CAN/MEX maps or not or the 2GB North American maps?

I just went on TomTom's website, and they indicate that the version is 8.4o that's ready for purchase. Is getting the free map via HOME different and more of a crapshoot, in that you get what they give you?

TomtTom's website:
TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems
It does not show you what map version is being downloaded. I just assumed it was the 8.40 map TomTom has available to purchase for this model. I am going to call TomTom Monday morning and find out what is going on.

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