Unknown symbol during address entry?

Jul 25, 2007
Inverary, Ontario
TomTom Model(s)
TTXL335S and TT1
I have had a TT for several years but I just purchased this XL335 so I am still learning some of the differences. My question is I was entering in a street address for a motel we are going to stay at next month. The street is Thompson Rd in Syracuse NY. As I typed in Thompson the road did appear on the list, however it also had an icon beside it that looks like the front of a car with an X through it. I went ahead and selected the road, icon and all and put in the street number. The TT seemed to find the motel OK but I am curious what this symbol beside the street name means? Is it some sort of warning or special instruction?? We stayed at this motel 3 years ago and I don't recall anything unusual about Thompson Rd., and I don't recall seeing this symbol on my old TT. Thanks.
It seems the unit has data that signifies that cars are not allowed on the road you selected. You may want to check by phoning the motel to check. Things may have changed the past 3 years .... or maybe just a case of bad data.
Thanks dhn - It must be a mistake. This is a major road running off the interstate. I had spoke with the motel (Ramada) earlier to confirm some other details about our stay. They confirmed the address at that time. I would image that if I could not drive on Thompson road they would have mentioned it.

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