Unexpected Map V956

Sep 9, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Go 620
Just check the tomtom mydrive and see this:

USA, Canada & Mexico
Size: 6179 MB
Version: v9.56
Depending on your internet connection speed, the download and installation of this item may take a long time.

Detailed coverage: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands
Partial coverage: Mexico (95%)
Connecting roads: Includes connected network of major roads that allows you seamless navigation throughout the entire region.
Coverage information: Includes 43% street network in Mexico, with detailed coverage of 66 cities including Mexico City and Guadalajara
IQ Routes™ speed profiles give you the fastest route any time of day.
Roads covered: over 12.8 million km / over 7.9 million miles
Points of Interest (POI's): 14.5 million Points of Interest
Delivery information: Our TomTom software will ensure the map will successfully be downloaded to your device.
Map data provider: TomTom

This is the second out of schedule map release I see from tomtom for the new device


I assume that this is for your 600? What version are you running on that unit now?
FWIW, I have 956 running on my own 600 at the moment.
I currently have 955 on my device, which was released about 2 months ago. That why I found it strange that it release another one today especially when the next one is due in about a month (but then they did the same thing before once too so I am not that surprise)


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