Unable to Run MyDrive App on Samsung 21FE


Dec 28, 2007
Colorado, USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO720, GO740, GO 1535, Via 1535, Via 1605, GO 52, GO 600, GO 620, GO 630, GO Discover, TomTom Bridge
I have moved our conversation here where whatever we discover can benefit others as we work through the problem. We can continue from the end of this private thread:


shelley1984 Yesterday at 10:49 AM

Hi I have the drive my app and I have set up but I have Samsung phone and it says not supported by your device how can I sorted it this out

canderson Yesterday at 11:09 AM

Two questions...
Which TomTom device do you own?
Which Samsung phone do you own?

shelley1984 Today at 4:14 AM

Tom tom.go expert truck sat nav and the phone is galaxy 21FE

canderson Today at 8:47 AM

Is there any reason we shouldn't move this to public space where it is easier to hold this conversation? I would recommend that it go to the Nav4-WiFi / Connectivity & Services area.

I am surprised to hear that the 21FE is saying this. That's a fairly new model, not some antique one with an old version of Android!

Does the app install properly, but complain when you run it? Or does it not install at all?

canderson Today at 9:08 AM

This 'private' section only allows 420 characters at a time.

shelley1984 Today at 9:13 AM

How do you move to public space.the app install fine

canderson Today at 9:24 AM

I will move it later this morning. I am driving now.
OK. We know you have a Samsung Galaxy 21FE, which is a very recent model which has all of the necessary hardware and will have a very recent version of Android, so there is no reason to think that the phone or Android should be causing us any troubles.

I do need to consult with someone on this issue. Can you tell me which version of Android is on your 21FE?
Please advise which version of the TomTom GO Navigation app you have on your phone now.
Can you provide a screen shot that shows what happens when you try to run the app - where it says "not supported by your device"?

Having done those things, let's assume that something went wrong with the original download/installation of the app.
Please delete the app and reinstall from the Google Play Store. The current version available is 3.6.96-beta.

Is it Tomtom GO Navigation or Tomtom MyDrive that you cannot install?

Have you tried to install from play store on your computer, you select your phone and then install.
It's the tomtom my drive.irs the smartphone messages and hands free calling I have a problem with when the Bluetooth is connected it's the same
Go Discover does not have the hands-free function.

You are not required to install Tomtom's MyDrive app on your smartphone. On the other hand, to benefit from real-time traffic information, you must activate the smartphone's "mobile data" mode and connect it via Bluetooth to the GPS.

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