Unable to purchase the map update service

Feb 20, 2010
Fairview Park, OH, USA
TomTom Model(s)
XL 340 S Live
When attempting to purchase the map update service, after I click the "agree to terms and conditions" and "checkout" buttons, I get a window stating that "the Internet server had an internal error."

I realize that this may just be a temporary thing, and that if I try again later it may work fine.

But, I was just wondering if anyone else had that issue recently, and if so does this appear to be a long term issue?
I think your interpretation of the error is correct. Try again later ...... a few hours, maybe?
That's probably the best bet. I'm at work now so I don't want to waste my lunch break by being on hold, so I just submitted a question to them via their website. We'll see if I get results.

My main reason for posting my initial frustration on this forum was to see if others were having the same issue too. Granted, the error message I received would seem to indicate that the problme was on their end, not mine, but I still wanted to verify if others were experiencing the same thing.
Yes, getting the same problem. Have been for a while now.

My first attempt with tech support blamed my firewall at the office (except that I set up the office IT and know bloody well that wasn't it)

My second encounter eventually admitted that they're doing server work and to try again "next week" (which happens to be this week). Also told me that the "18 months of updates" offer was only supposed to be for the UK or Europe and was advertised to the US/CAN by mistake ....... wonder if TomTom's holding out until the end of March for a fix just so this mistakenly-offered deal expires.

Something shady here, that's for sure. If it's an outage, post it or announce it, don't hide it. And seriously, this is supposed to be a revenue stream for TomTom - how can these servers be down for this long?
In my two years of using TomTom devices, TomTom has repeatedly proven itself to be inept with regard to operation and availability of, and communications with, their back end systems. I was unable to purchase a map subscription as well (prior to the offer). They ended up giving me a free update to an older map (but newer than the one I had) in order to "clear" something, and allow the purchase to go through. Also, I have never been able to purchase a LIVE service subscription without having to go through support and have them "fix" something. And the automatic renewal isn't and doesn't. So every two months I have to call support to get my LIVE services working again. Sometimes I wonder how they stay in business.
Thanks Michael ... if this is what getting any kind of update is going to be like, then I think I'll be purchasing the "Maps for Life" package for the Garmin that I have instead.
Same issue here. Called TT support. As previously mentioned, they said it was mistakenly offered to US customers (supposed to be UK only). They said to avoid any issues with this they turned off the updates system. That's pretty poor if its true. Guess I won't be buying the updates then.
The biggest load here...? I got an email JUST TODAY telling me that I can get 6 months of free updates if I sign up in March. Crock.
Print the email. Call TT toll free support. Have your credit card handy. Do NOT take "no" for an answer.
The biggest load here...? I got an email JUST TODAY telling me that I can get 6 months of free updates if I sign up in March. Crock.

I got the same email. Not only did they erroneously offer this deal to US customers, they can't seem to figure out how to stop offering it. Welcome to the world of TomTom.

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