UK Computer voices on XL

Aug 30, 2010
I have a TomTom XL which only has 2 US Computer (TTS) voices, Samantha and Tom.

I want to download UK Computer voices, but there are none in TomTom Home - I have Version 2.7.6.

We have another, newer TomTom (XL250) that has 2 UK Computer voices.

Any ideas as to how I can either download UK Computer voices or copy them from the other machine?

Thanks in advance!
Thanks for your reply. I have been doing a bit more research & had seen that link.
But the unit I want to add UK Computer voices to uses Vocalizer, not Loquendo.

On the internet I have found RAR archives that have Serena (UK english) and Karen (Australian english - even better as I am in Sydney!)

I seem to have all the same files for Serena on the XL, but I cannot access her as an option in 'select voices'.

Any one know how I can install Karen and then select these 2 as options?

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I suspect those files you found are from a warez site which distributes hacked software.

Discussion of such sites and assistance to those trying to implement such files is not appropriate here. Read the announcement at the top of every forum.
Yes, I have seen that note. The files I have seen (which I have not downloaded or posted here) are freely available on several other GPS forums.
Given that the Serena' files are already on my XL I am trying to get access to use them primarily, and possibly obtain other UK or AU english computer voices.
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On the Loquendo website they have a UK female voice: Elizabeth.
Does anyone know if it is possible to get it ?
I have a XL 340S and this voice is not offered through TT Home.

APP.Ver. 9.056

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