TT730 wrong home address ...........sigh!!!

Probably nothing........

How many satellites are you getting when you see this problem?

How are you going to My Current Position? Through the Help Me quick menu, Where Am I?
:eek: I only made the one backup before I did all that stuff you suggested onthe other thread.

Do I need to backup again???

I'm having trouble navigating to anywhere. I am in Ireland and every time I try to enter a destination, TT has never heard of it :(
So.......Navigate To-->Street and Address--->

When you put in city, does it find the city? If yes, when you type in the street, does it find the street?
So.......Navigate To-->Street and Address--->

If yes, when you type in the street, does it find the street?

Take today for instance; I used TT route planner to prepare a route. (Why doesn't route planner have a "VIA" section? )I can't locate the exact address so have to choose the nearest point to it. anyway, off we go and about four miles or so into the journey, the suction mount falls off the windscreen :eek: and hubs is laughing his ass off. We finally reach our destination and then decide to head to a shopping centre a few miles away. I check on my TT for POI and look under Shopping Centres but the one I want is not listed. So, on we go and I just leave my TT on without a route selected and to my amazement (Remember, I downloaded the latest map guarantee?) I notice that a lot of roads are unamed :eek:
You could try this......

Navigate to ---> poi near me --->Search poi-->

Now type part of a location you are searching for. Every item in the entire file with that combination of letters will appear in order of closeness to you (as the crow flies).

For example, type 'dona' (no quotes) and ALL mcdonalds in the entire file will get listed.

Type 'Marks' and all the Marks& Spencers will appear, etc.
That's exactly what I did and I got every shopping centre except the one that I wanted to go to.

I really don't want to make it sound like my TT is c**p. I love it and I just want to get the best from it. I realise that I am a total novice and possibly have a lot to learn. This, I am willing to do as long as I have all you nice folk to help me along and point me in the right direction :p
Understand that not every poi (25 million or so) ever gets into any brand of gps' poi set. And some poi sets are more comprehensive than others. The 930 unit uses a poi set 3 times the size of that in the 7x series.

Having said that, there are other options such as your adding a poi to an existing category, adding new poi categories completely and going on the net to find sites that offer up (usually free) custom poi files that can be downloaded.

Here is just one such site: Ireland - GPS POI Files for Ireland - GPS POI Data
Custom .ov2 files (and associated .bmp files, if available) go directly into the specific map folder on the unit, in your case, Ireland.

When you click through the links on that site, you'll have the chance to select TomTom format and select the ov2 file and the .bmp file for whatever poi category you want. Just download both files to, say, a temp folder on your pc and then use Explorer to copy them to the map folder on the unit. (Then you can delete them from the temp folder)
Also, just FWIW, I've read a few Irish posts indicating that current mapping of Ireland is not one of TeleAtlas strong points. It's only been about two years since they offered a fairly complete map of your region IIRC. It should improve.

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