TT Rider Urban Euro - Scala connection issue

Aug 6, 2011
Hi, spending my time trying to get the TT Rider to communicate with the Scala G4 head set.
All is new, including the charger mount for the TT.

It appears that the Rider will not communicate with the Scala head set if it is plugged in to charge!!!
Seems stupid, but as soon as I pull out the charge cable to the TT mount communications between the head set and the TT begins.

Question is, is this the case?? it seems to pointless to ride all day only to reach ur destination area and the TT battery is flat, just when you need it most.

Is this the same on all this type set ups?????

Next question, what is the point of the Charger mount, if you can only charge the TT when stopped, as you can't really leave it on the bike or it will for sure be gone when u return
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Welcome to TTF. Have moved your post to the Rider forum for greater visibility


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