TT One in Pittsburgh area

Feb 26, 2007
Munhall, PA (near Pittsburgh)
TomTom Model(s)
My wife bought me a TT1 package from QVC for an early birthday present. We were going to FL for vacation, and planned to use the PND to help us get from one place to the next. I am quite impressed with how helpful it was.

I followed some advice on a cruise thread to take the turnpike from Orlando to Homestead. Bad plan right now, we made it 7 miles in an hour due to construction traffic. Punched the alternate route button, got us off the turnpike and over to I-95 and smooth sailing the rest of the way down to Homestead. The maps are fabulous, takes a little getting used to, but is a wonderful tool on the road.

I found out while in the Caribbean that once you're off of the stored maps, you'll get a blank screen, but if you push the status button, you can get latitude/longitude data, for hand enscribing to a paper map.

Is there a way to interface the TT1 with a computer to plot points on Google Earth or something like that?


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