TT GO720 -Error Message w/TTHome


Dec 27, 2007
Hello all. Appreciate any help, or if anyone else has had this issue. Got my TT720 for Christmas and got it up and running no problem. The last couple of weeks I've had an issue with the USB/Base when connecting with TT Home. The windows message says something to the wording of "USB devices have malfunctioned and windows does not recognize them." This does not happen all the time. In fact, I just went to connect in order to provide the exact message I've been receiving and the darn thing connected. I typically start TT Home(and login) , then connect the device, then turn it on -it is at this point that the device is either not recognized/malfunctioned or it connects. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
Try turning on the GPS first, then connecting. I just recently read in another thread that is the best way to connect. Mind you, I've never had issues no matter which way I do it.
One question though, do you have your USB plugged in through a USB hub, or through USB ports mounted on the front of your computer case? If so, try plugging it directly into the motherboard on the back of your case. Not all USB hubs/extension ports are made the same - and a bad USB port may be causing your connection issues. (Or even a bad cable... For that matter.)
Thanks for the tip. I will try turning on first, then connect. If that won't work I'll move the usb to the back -it is plugged on the front side.

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