Tt go 5000

Oct 5, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Go 5000
Hi all

Currently having issues with finding an alternative route, today it took 5 attempts to find a new route, before I turned the thing off. Is there anyway to find an alternative route whilst travelling to destination. Today road blocked could not find any button to find alternative route, so turned and drove down any road and tried to get far enough away so that the unit would find an alternative only to get redirected to the same problem, via other roads.
Also having issues with very slow down load speeds, this morning it took 20mims to down load 4.8 Kb.
Does anybody know if these problems are going to be fixed, soon
Nope, there's no button to ask for an alternative route.
There's also no way to force it to stop suggesting the original route if there's a road block, except possibly adding a "via" point on the road you want to use (but if you have to find that road yourself, that defeats the entire purpose of having a SatNav!)

I suggest you write a strongly worded letter or email to TomTom, telling them that their flagship new models are absolutely not fit for purpose.

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