Tripmaster not working after TOMTOM HOme update

Discussion in 'TomTom Home and MyTomTom Software' started by tsochs, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. tsochs


    Oct 8, 2009
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    go 730
    I updated my GO 730 via TOMTOMHOme. It says NavCOr8.351 now same as before TOMTOM updated my device. Now tripmaster doesn't work nor does Off Road Navigator. They are both installed, I even redonwloaded Tripmaster3.1 and the plugin hook. I have the updated files for Tripmater installed on the internal memory and on the SDCard. Nothing is working.

    What I can see on screen is an old install of EVENT Logger icons that weren't visible before the TOMTOM Home auto updater updated the 730.

    Trimaster works with Navcore 8 and 9, sooo why aren't my programs visible?

    Why did the old programs return but not work ? When I press any of the buttons for Event Logger the navigation screen of TOMTOM screen pops
    tsochs, Jun 13, 2010
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