Transferring info from one Tom Tom to another

Sep 11, 2010
My sister allowed my dad and I to borrow her Tom Tom to take on a trip. While on the road we were able to mark various POI's and made some favorites.

Dad wants to get his own Tom Tom but we really need to get the info from her unit and put it into ours when we get ours.

How can this be done without losing the information? Some was entered by lat/long as a physical address is not available.:confused:
Welcome to TTF.

The following link will explain how to convert the favourites (found in a mapsettings.cfg file in the map folder) into a custom poi category file. Once that is done, you can use Explorer to copy the custom ov2 file you've created to the map folder on the different tomtom.

The link is here:
Can't they just copy their mapsettings.cfg into their new TomTom's and delete what they don't want? I have no idea if this can be done but seems much more simple.
The problem with that is that other settings are kept in the file and, as well, it may be different maps on one unit than another. For example, it might be North_America on one map and USA_Canada_Mex on another.

I'm not saying it definitely won't work, but the user may encounter issues that creating the custom poi file won't .

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