Transferring data to SD Card

Jan 7, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live825
Hi, I recently added and SD card to my device. I cannot find instructions how to start saving information on card instead of device?


You don't get an option as to where the data will be saved. These newer units will add items to internal memory until it is no longer possible to fit the 'next' item, at which time, things start going to the uSD card.

You could conceivably 'trick' the unit by adding some huge POI that nearly fills the internal memory, then adding the items you want on uSD after that.

Do you have a specific reason for wanting certain things on the uSD card?
Hi, thanks for your reply- Actually I have no particular reason why I wish the data to be written on SD card instead of device. I was just worried that I needed to input a 'command' for device to start writing to card rather then doing it automatically once device memory is full,
I have another question which I don't know in which forum to add it: I live in Malta and when signing in My TomTom, it requests that you sign in to your country, Since Malta (Europe) is not available, what shall I include as location? Can you advice in which forum I need to input this question?
Thanks once again
Was fortunate to visit Malta for the first time last year. GREAT place!

It would, of course, be politically incorrect to use the U.K. as an alternative :D, but it may make sense to do so to assure that communications are all in English. I haven't paid much attention to what would happen if you picked a country with another language. Italy is your closest neighbor, but that wouldn't do, either. Guess I'd go with UK for now. There's no country-specific flag at the site for Malta, either.
Canderson, thanks for the compliments about our country. We are very very small island but we've got a lot of history, sun & sea. Actually I used the UK as my home location. My query is what would happen if I decide to buy something from TomTom site (such as life map update) and they would require my home address?
I too love Malta and it's sister islands. Beautiful people and great fireworks!

I'm amazed TT don't have a country-specific option for you guys.
If you do ever buy anything from them, I'd give them a quick call on their customer service number first, just so the call is logged if anything goes wrong later.


I'm pretty sure that you wind up paying the NL VAT in any case for online orders. When you provide an online address for ordering stuff, you'd use your Malta address and that's where they'd ship if it was hardware.

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