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Discussion in 'Mobile Navigation' started by RMOP, Oct 13, 2008.

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    Jan 7, 2008
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    It sounded so easy! I deleted the Mapsettings.cfg on my new "target" Nokia device (which had a single Favorite: "Home"), and then (from my old device) beamed the old Mapsettings.cfg file containing saved Favorites to my new "target" device. Then, upon using Favorites on my "target" device, it showed ONLY the "Home" location. Nothing else.

    I'm perplexed that:

    After DELETING Mapsettings.cfg file on the new "target" device and replacing it with a Mapsettings.cfg containing several favorites, the only favorite to show up on the target device is the one known to have been in the DELETED Mapsettings.cfg file.

    I went to the considerable bother of getting TomTom to issue an activation code to move my TomTom install from my old Nokia E61 to my new Nokia E71 -- only to find that I am unable to transfer my Favorites from the old device to the new! Activation of maps went fine, but there ought to be a way to move the Favorites. I can't imagine what I'm doing wrong...and, yes, I did also try deleting the file directly from the card and copying the saved Mapsettings.cfg directly to the target SD card. No difference.

    Navigator 6 - same program, same maps, moved successfully from one device to another.
    RMOP, Oct 13, 2008
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