Traffic Receiver - no traffic data transferred to the device

Apr 10, 2011
Hi...I am in Ottawa and I have tried to use my brand new traffic receiver. It connects to the station, gets a full green dot telling that traffic data is updated, but there is no actual traffic data trasnferred to the device (even in rush hour).

In TotalTraffic web site I see they have incidents reported, but I get none on my device. I have tried since thursday (March 7th) ...always get a connection but no actual data.

Anyone facing the same issue in Ottawa?



Hello Renato - Welcome to TT Forums :wave:

Are you sure you know how the free traffic updates are supposed to work?

Sounds like yours is working....

At least you have the green traffic circle representing that you have reception. Might take a look here:

Discussing reception problems...

Anyway - you are not subscribing to LIVE traffic. Which has more detail. I own a 540 - which is incapable of LIVE traffic. Have the totally free version via the cord...

This (with the little black egg shape) receiver on the cord up toward the GPS plug in end - does NOT make announcements on traffic. It is extremely subtle.

It does the traffic bar going up the right hand side of screen; when it connects to a station - you get the green traffic circle at the top. At this point - we get to drive. NOTHING else will happen.

IF we drive into a traffic jam; OR a vehicle accident occurs ahead of us on our designated Route (you must have a ROUTE planned in the device) - Then you MIGHT get a traffic indication in the side bar. Very tiny; indicating construction, or accident; etc. And the estimated delay Time.

IF after this happens - the Unit computes a Quicker route - Then you will be asked if you want to take the Quicker route. (Assuming you have IQ enabled; etc. - which you probably do...)

So first - the Traffic FM signal which your unit is Receiving - must broadcast information which concerns your specific route. AND you must have a delay of some sort on that route... etc. etc. For you to SEE anything of difference on your device.

Since you have the full green circle - you ARE receiving traffic updates. You must have a ROUTE planned; and then some disturbance which is broadcast via the FM which concerns your planned route - must also occur - for you to see any difference on the device...

It is working fine. Relax and have a good day.

Hope this helps you out.

D. :thumb:


The rdstmc antenna should match It soumds like the feed is broken, call up Tomtom and see if they can escslate the issue with clearchannel.

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