Traffic cord interchangeable, and map correction problem ?

Apr 19, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 540TM Navigon 7200T
1) I have a 540TM and also a Navigon with lifetime traffic. Since the antennas are in the car adapter on both, could they be switched if I pick up the wrong one?

2) I tried to set a map correction for a "no left turn" where TT told me to turn left (exit was on right, left lane was "straight ahead only"). When I came back to that location TT told me I reached my destination and to continue straight. What did I do wrong ?

3) How would I cancel a map correction and if I do (unchecking some option) will that clear all my personal unit map corrections? I am guessing that it would, but then I might have them restored if I connect to home and pick up my previous corrections sent to TT?
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Any quick help to any of the questions here would be appreciated !
Also, how do I list my model so it shows up when I post ? I entered it where it asks for it but I don't see it show up in a posting. Thanks
You can show your model in the signature line of your profile.

In mapshare preferences, if you remove all corrections, then yours are gone as well, including the faulty ones.

Reality is however, whenever a new map is released, all corrections are gone anyway, except for those that TomTom has chosen to implement in a new map, which may include yours or not .............
If new maps write over previous personal corrections, what is the purpose of making them, UNLESS they are saved somewhere at Tom Tom and when you update it pulls all those prior chjanges and adds them to the new map ?? Is that possible, is it worthless to make changes to a unit which comes with lifetime maps where updates cost nothing extra?
By reporting mapshare corrections, you hope they'll be incorporated in the next map, or the next, or ....

Also, by making corrections, at least you can implement the changes that are correcatble on your map so the routing functionality will be more precise. Not everyone updates maps every 3 months (or whenever they're offered) so these correction stay implemented on your current map for as long as you use the map.

That's the theory, anyway........................
DHN - If my map is updated, I would lose all the corrections I made and all the ones picked up through the TT mapshare updates. Do those changes stay somewhere "in space" with Tom Tom so that when I again connect through TT Home those corrections would get back on my unit? Does that make sense to you ? You'll also notice I followed your note to have my TT model under my posting. Thanks !
It makes complete sense that they should .................

.......but they don't. :eek:

Other than any that TT incorporated in the new map release.

Many who make the mapshare changes also keep track in a spreadsheet or something so they can spend 'quality' (he said sarcastically) time re-implementing them in a new map release if they are not there. if I am the first to download the new map, there will be NO updates from mapshare AND only those few accepted by Tom Tom will be incorporated in the map. ALL those (5000+) done by dedicated users will be wiped out ? Why then did I bother to get the "TM" instead of just the "T" ? The mapshare updates might be better and more current than the new Tom Tom maps !! There is no small file which contains all the mapshare updates which I could save and reload into the new maps ?

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