Top Voices?

I would like to see some better quality impersonations.

or some "mash-ups" of clips or TV voices.
The KITT one was on the right track but it would take a lot of TV watching to sample all of KITT's lines.
Could you post a link to it so that we can hear it? BTW, nice avatar! ;)

After some Goog'ling, I found that it's a paid voice:

Good news: it's his real voice not some crummy impersonation.

Bad news: it's nearly $10 after the currency conversion, which seems a tad steep for a TomTom voice.

If you click the picture of the TomTom with Eddie's picture in it, it samples the voice.
Not bad, but I wouldn't pay for it.

Of course you wouldn't pay for it ... you don't even know who he is.

I'm a huge fan of his stand-up comedy, but even I wouldn't pay $10 for him to say "turn right in 300 yards." I'd rather spend that money on his stand-up DVDs.
Anyone got the voice of the guy who introduces movies? (its usually for action movies)
Kevin just announced that you can get this voice from his website. In fact, as an introductory offer, members of this forum can get it for FREE if they contact him through his website. (I just got it yesterday myself but haven't installed it as yet)

"Movie Trailer Guy" with free sample

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