tomtomhomeservice.exe running as a service

Jun 13, 2012
I am trying without success to stop Tom Tom Home service running as a windows process. I have set the startup preferences in TomTom Home for it to not start up automatically and I have also modified the Windows msconfig startup, but I can't stop it from running as a process.

Any suggestions including modifying the registry would be welcome. It is driving me crazy.


Scroll down to tomtom service and select 'disable' and 'stop' if it's already running.
That did the trick. I don't fully understand why we have to go to this trouble if we don't want something running on our computer even if the process doesn't take up much in the way of resources. If every piece of software did this we would all have to add more memory.
I believe that if you do not want the service to auto-start, the setting in Home under Tools / Home preferences / General / Startup Preferences called "Start TomTom Home automatically..." controls whether the service autostarts.
IIRC, I don't think that stops it, Canderson....
A similar sounding option USED to stop it completely, but now all it does is control whether Home itself fires up when you connect some TomTom hardware. The service still runs in the background unless you stop it by other means.

I also hate the number of pointless services that get installed automatically. I don't own an ipod or iphone, so why do I have to have multiple "helper" services from apple installed if I only want to use iTunes?

Personally, I find "Start up Monitor" by Mike Lin to be a very useful add-on to stop things automatically installing themselves to run on start-up.
I find it useful to check services.msc whenever loading new software to see what it turns up. One has to exercise caution not to kill a required service, but at least they're letting them be controlled. In this particular case, just setting it to Manual will work. Home fill force it to start if the OP fires up home manually.

To the OP - just be aware of that last tidbit.
In Win 7 Home Premium, Run 'services.msc' describes 'TomTomHomeService' as 'for ejecting devices'. So I've left set (Automatic).

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