TomTom XL reverting to defaults

May 16, 2009
Not sure if this happens for other people but when ever I connect the GPS to TomTom home it changes back to the default voice "Nelson Afrikaans". The only way to fix it is to select the voice before plugging it into the PC, then once in TomTom home I go to operate my XL and then select the voice there as well. This is a fine workaround for the normal voice but it doesn't work for TTS voices as these don't show up when operating the device through TomTom home.

This also happens with the warning sounds. It just reverts back to the bell sound each time I plug it into the PC. Except the workaround doesn't fix this so I am stuck with the bell sound unless I change it every time I remove it from the PC. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind so much but I plug it into the PC on a daily basis. Does anyone know any fix for this?
This used to happen on older versions of Home. A bug in the software such that when the user uses the emulator (Operate My Unit), the existing voices were 'lost' and default ones replaced them.


This hasn't happened with Home versions for months now. What version of Home do you have? Are you offered an update? If so, accept it.

Also, you can try the Clear Flash tool found here. Download and run it 3 times.
Thanks I tried the Clear Flash tool 3 times but it did not fix the issue. I am using the latest version of Home
Are you disconnecting the unit PROPERLY from the computer using Home's Device-->Disconnect?

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