TomTom XL - No Maps Found! message

Apr 30, 2011

My TomTom was recently updating and my power went out. This caused my computer to switch off. When I tried to update it again, it said that no new updates were available. When I ejected it, I got a message "No Maps Found!" and now it does not work. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks,

"Can you look at the contents of the unit and see a specific map folder?"

Yes, there is a Western_Europe_1GB folder and it is empty. I also checked on my computer (MacBook) and it is empty there as well. I am based in Italy.

I'll check that other thread. Cheers for replying.

I checked the link you sent to TomTom support site, but still no luck. Is there any way I can download the map for free?
If this was a map update, do you see it in compressed format here:
c:\documents and settings\yourname\my documents\TomTom\Home\Downloads\Complete\Maps\ ??

If not, rename the folder I highlighted to DownloadsOLD.

That may force another download of the map.
Thanks again. I tried that, but am still getting the No Maps Found! message. I even tried deleting everything on my device, and manually dragging and dropping previous backups back on to it, but I still get the same message. As a last ditch attempt, I deleted everything on the device without putting anything else back on to it, and it downloaded and installed the TomTom device application. However, the map is still missing. Is there anyway to download it without paying? I have a proof of purchase and a guarantee. Thanks.

Not without assistance from Custom Support. If the location shown by the ip address (moderators have that information) is correct, then the number you need is: 0245281004.
Thanks! I just got off the phone with them, and sent them my proof of purchase. I'll update the thread when I hear back from them. Thanks again for your time.



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