TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition - Issues with updating map

Jul 27, 2011
Hi everyone! I am new here. I came across this forum when googling for help.

I tried to update the map on my husband's XL IQ Routes edition. I installed TomTom Home 2. When I try to update, it tells me there is not enough room and that home cannot create space.

I know I need to free up space but I am not sure what to delete. Can anyone help or point me to the instructions somewhere?

I have already purchased the new map and am hopeful that I didn't waste $40.
Are you running a Mac? If so, be aware that the Mac OS will leave a 'local' trashcan on your TomTom when files are deleted. You may find that you want to 'empty' the trash there and try again. Unlike Europe, we can still fit our entire map on these units without having to load pieces at a time, so you should have no problems there.

There's also a remote possibility that other things (extra voices, etc.) have been loaded at some time, and that the new map is just a tiny bit to big to fit with any such extras. We might need to weed out a few items that aren't being used. However, let us know about your Mac / no-Mac situation first before we head in that direction.

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