TomTom v7 on PDA - ActiveSync startup

Jun 12, 2009
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I have recently installed TomTom Navigator version 7 on my PDA - having used version 6 for a number of years.

I am alarmed to find that when TomTom v7 is running it automatically starts up the ActiveSync program in the background. If I stop ActiveSync then TomTom just restarts it after a few minutes.

So why is it a problem ? you ask :-
Well, ActiveSync running in the background is unnecessary, it uses processing power, and drains the battery power. If TomTom is shut down ActiveSync still continues to run in the background, consuming battery power, even when the PDA is in standby mode.

ActiveSync running in the background on PDAs and draining battery power has been a well known problem for years. So why has the new version 7 of TomTom resurected an old problem by starting up ActiveSync ?

ActiveSync did NOT start up automatically with TomTom version 6, and it does not drain batterypower when the ActiveSync scheduled times are reset to "Manual".

I don't want TomTom version 7 to start up ActiveSync - but how do I stop it ?

Any advice welcome.


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