Tomtom rider charging cradle, HELP

Apr 27, 2012
Somerset England
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom sl4 rider canadian
Hi ya, I am Carl in the uk and have just brought a tomtom rider on ebay, it has the following in the rear tomtom sl4 rider with canadian underneath, I am searching high and low for a cradle which will charge the tomtom while on the bike, is there such a thing? As all the ones I can find are for the tomtom 2 with the locking lugs above the charging pins, as mine has the all in line. Hope that makes sense and someome can help me out here.

Hi Carl. I don't recognis amodel number or name from anything you've mentioned...
SL4 ism't something I know and "Canada" is just a badge to say it passed Canadian emission regulations.
Can you put the first two characters of the long serial number (usually under the barcode) into TomTom's model finder here. That will give us a model name.
(I tried it with "SL" but that came back as a "Go2535", so that's not right...)

I'm guessing it's going to say it's a "Rider" or "Rider 1" (both meaning the original model).

I've never had a Rider myself, so I'm guessing, but does this one not look like the pins are in line with the lugs?

always use a lanyard attached to the bracket arm etc (not the cradle) the cradle top hinge plastic is not terribly rugged: I've lost one completely and broken 3 cradles in the past 3 years!
This is a known TT rider mark1 fault, TT sent out lanyards but didn't redesign the cradle until the launched the mark II.

The cradles work fine most of the time but will eventually stop charging as the contacts become loose against the TT back as the clamp gets slack, it's worth putting a strong elastic band round to avoid this.
I am also looking for one of these cradles for the v1. Does anyone know where I can get one? TomTom doesn't seem to have them.
Thanks....but in the picture I don't see the charging portion of the mount. Is this the one that has the 4 pins to connect to the back of the unit??
No idea mate. It needs to be used with a charging cable, so it gets power to the RIDER somehow.
Maybe it's just the part that the cradle bit pictured above bolts onto.

I just looked back at the TomTom site and the stuff in the Amazon picture is a SECOND picture on the TomTom Rider page.

So either Amazon only printed half the kit they are selling, or what they are selling doesn't include the cradle

Maybe ask the seller?
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