Tomtom Rider 2nd Edition and Sprint Treo 700p compatibility / traffic update function

Jan 9, 2008

I am curious if anyone has addressed getting the Treo 700p supported by Sprint to work with the Tomtom Rider 2nd Edition? There seems to be a lack of info on Tomtom's support page and their engineers do not have a solution. I am hoping that someone has addressed this issue and might have a solution for me and anyone else that might be trying to use SprintPCS with the Tomtom Rider 2nd Edition.




You might be better served asking or searching the connections for Sprint Phones to TomTom's then trying that setup (look in the other units forums or the general areas). There are very few of us on the forum that have Riders.

I would have to guess that the setup would be the same no matter which TomTom you have.

Try this...

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