TomTom released new maps in Europe

Discussion in 'TomTom News & Announcements' started by JaiBee, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    just got a message that TomTom has released new maps in Europe on November the 28th. They are available via

    There is a big BUT, TomTom writes on their homepage (translated by me):
    The devices TomTom GO 910/710/510, TomTom ONE Regional/Europe (New Edition) und TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 have been delivered with up-to-date maps installed. If you want to buy maps of another country or region please continue.

    Also they have a tool online where you can enter your product code and it tells you whether or not the maps on your device are uptodate. If I enter my code (US ONE New Edition, bought 2 months ago) it shows me there is no need for an update.

    Anyway the maps they offer for download are:

    Map of USA&Canada 6.6 / 958 MB / 99.95€
    Map of US Midwest Region 6.6 / 241 MB / 59.95€
    Map of US Western Region 6.6 / 187 MB / 59.95€
    Map of US Southeast region 6.6 / 218 MB / 59.95€
    Map of US South Central region 6.6 / 172 MB / 59.95€
    Map of US Plains Region 6.6 / 211 MB / 59.95€
    Map of US New England & Mid Atlantic region 6.6 / 252MB / 59.95€

    ..and all kind of different maps for the EU region.

    It seems that only the very big maps (>800MB) are also available on DVD (+20€) or on SD card (+40€)

    In Europe TomTom offers a -20% off for purchases made via download up to end of this year.

    Also they state that the new maps have some new features:

    - Information about traffic signs and speed limits
    - Information shown on the display can be configured by the user
    - The automatic arrival time calculation shows when you have to start driving. During the drive it shows you if the estimated arrival time matches the continuously calculated arrival time.

    I couldn?t find all this info on the US homepage, so I thought that might be interesting for you guys.


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    JaiBee, Nov 30, 2006
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