TomTom Paring with Sprint Samsung SPH-M550 Exclaim

Aug 16, 2009
Please note that it is difficult to remember steps after you have tried everything to get it to work. Here goes:

First go to the TomTOM Internet sight and update your TomTom?s software. This is CRITICAL!

Make sure your phone has its? Bluetooth turned on and visable. Do NOT ask your phone to access the TomTom!

Start the paring process at the TomTom. Do nothing when asked for access point, if you don't see your phone on the list, use "other", when you get to the phone company you use, Sprint will not be there, use "other". At a point, you will see a message that ask you to connect automatically or manually. Type in the word automatic and then select "automatic". When you get to the screen for the phone number to dial, MAKE SURE YOU PUT IN #777. DO NOT put anything in for user name and do not put anything in for password. The TomTom will indicate that it cannot connect for data. The phone will show an error. This is OK
Select NO to end. At this point, it will ask you if you want to download the phone numbers in your phone . Select YES. This should complete the handsfree setup

That's it. I just did my Samsung SPH-M550 Exclaim today. It works great!


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