TomTom one V4 cracked touch screen/digitizer

Oct 26, 2009
London, England
Hi guys, someone tried to steal my tom tom from my car today I caught then but they dropped it and cracked the touch screen:(

The LCD screen is fine, but the touch screen which I assume is glass is cracked and now doesnt work.


Is there any way i can take it apart and replace the screen?

I am in the UK by the way, I'm unsure if this is a US site as I haven't really looked that much.


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Usually Tomtom will not repair units unless under warranty. There are a few stores that will repair them, but a Tomtom one is very cheap these days, and buying a new one is probably much cheaper than paying for a repair (and maybe even cheaper than paying for a screen).
Guess there is no way to find out until you give them a call. Explain how the screen got cracked.
There are disassembly steps in various parts of the forum, I've never opened up a Tomtom so I don't know how easy/hard it is. I do hear that finding the right screen part for your model may be difficult.

A ONE IQroutes/140 does everything a one V4 does, and may be cheaper than purchasing a screen or repairing the old device.
They have said that it will cost ?100+, what a joke.

Is there no way at all that I can replace it myself?
I'm in the same boat with my Go 930T. The part that must be replaced is called a digitizer (aka the touch screen). The digitizer lays over the LCD and allows interaction. Even though it's still under warranty TomTom will not touch it. The US TomTom folks told me the warranty doesn't cover screens. They only offered me a discount on a new one. I'm able to take mine apart, but my problem is finding an original replacement digitizer. The original connects to the back of the LCD screen with a clip. The digitizers I'm finding state the connection must be soldered. That's something I've never done. I'm only a wannabe techy. I purchased one on eBay, but the vendor sent the wrong one. When I let him know it was wrong, he told me TomTom used different screens and he couldn't guarantee he could get me the right one. My money was refunded. You may end coming out better than I did.
new digitizer

its fairly simple to replace the digitizer just take the screen out as you normally would (theres probably some vids on you tube or something) then look at the edges of the screen and there should be a little lip where the front case meets the back case use a plastic knife or an extremely small Philips screw driver but be careful of the screen and unclip each clip. once you've got the two separated you'll have to solder the previous connection off to remove it completely.

to get a new digitizer you can normally find them on ebay ranging from 15 to 30 pounds for almost every model.

once you've got the new one its simply the reverse of removal but make sure you don't burn the back connection on the other side of the film so only leave the soldering iron contact the solder and only for a second max. if its heated correctly it should be enough.

HAVE FUN Ive just done mine

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