TomTom One v3 Red Cross

Apr 20, 2010
Hello All,
I'm getting the Red Cross thing when I start my TomTom. I think I've tried everything I've found on forums and TomTom's website but was wondering if anyone has anymore suggestions before I finally bin it and have to start trying to live without it :(

The first thing I should say is that I don't have a backup so I understand that I'm going to have to buy the maps again (which is OK because they were very out of date).

So this is what I've tried...

  • Pressing the reset button
  • Reformatting the TomTom
  • Running The TomTom Clear Flash programme
  • Using TomTom Home to reinstall the application

The interesting thing is the TomTom appears fine when I plug it in to my Mac and Tom Tom Home seems to be able to contact it with out any difficulties it just won't boot.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for any help
Liam, since you can connect to the computer, are you saying you reformatted WITHOUT making a backup of the map folder!! :eek:

In any event, you seemed to have tried just about anything I can suggest. When you reformatted the internal, you did NOT select quickformat, did you??

If so, reformat again and connect to Home. It'll offer the application again. Install, disconnect PROPERLY from Home using the Device Disconnect and reboot. Hopefully, it'll boot to 'no maps found'.

Also, (just to be sure), when you reset the unit, you DID press a paperclip in the proper reset hole, did you not?
Thanks for the reply. Yes I reformatted without taking a backup but this was because the partition table on the TomTom seemed to be totally messed up and the TomTom would not mount when connected to a computer.

I formatted the drive using the Macs Disk Utility which i don't think has a concept of "Quick Formatting".

I've used TomTom home to reinstall and ejected the device safely but it still makes no difference.

Finally, yes, I'm confident I stuck the paper clip in the right hole.

It sounds like I'm out of luck, although it is very odd as I can't think what is actually wrong. If there was a problem with the internal flash then surely it wouldn't appear via USB and if there was a problem with the ROM surely it wouldn't boot at all.

Thanks for your time its much appreciated
Actually, sometimes units do boot partially and the Clear flash fixes some issues. Diid you run that tool 3 times?
It sounds like the clear flash tool is the key and now you come to mention it I'm not sure if its working correctly. Could you confirm that this sounds normal....

  • Run TomTom Clear Flash
  • Accept EULA
  • Click continue with "Install TomTom Clear Flash" radio button selected on the "Setup main menu" screen
  • Click continue with "Install TomTom Clear Flash" selected on the "Install the Application" screen
  • Then "Installation Complete" message
  • Then I'm returned to the "Setup main menu"
  • Finally I close the app down and it says "Your device was not properly installed (No Maps were found)"

I assumed that it was working as designed but maybe not? Do I actually have to run the tool in some way or is the "Installation Complete" message enough to show its worked?

Thanks again for your help
Yeah, it's not overly user friendly in terms of feedback but the act of installation is indeed having it do its thing.

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