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Dec 28, 2007
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IIRC, Arno, 8.002 was capable of reading properly from most 4GB cards, but there were documented issues with writing to the card until 8.302 (when real SDHC support was also added), which was sometimes a big problem when, for example, a file like mapsettings.cfg (often rewritten by the device) was within a map folder on the SD card.

@John P
Ouch -- you have one of the really OLD ONE units that didn't even have any internal memory of its own. I believe it was called the ONE 2nd Edition at the time.
Again, there were MANY different units sold with the ONE name over a period of several years.
Sadly, that particular version of the ONE ceased new firmware updates at version 7.903.9183, and will NOT successfully deal with a 4GB card. You already have the last release for that device installed, and there is no version firmware available for it that would provide 4GB card functionality. That is why I mentioned this code version issue earlier on so as to avoid having you pick up a card that might not work at all.
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Mar 4, 2012
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Thank you Mr. Canderson for checking into my problem. Well now I have a 4gb sd card. that has nothing to do.but take up
space in my drawer. Also I want to thank all the other people that gave me advice on my problem. You guys are the cream of the crop,
top of the heap when it comes to to fixing problems. All of you please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I consider this
thread closed. Again thank you.

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