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Discussion in 'Maps and Routing' started by kmalcolm1, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. kmalcolm1


    Aug 19, 2008
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    I recently moved to Itlay and purchased a CD with European maps. I have a TomTom One with SD card capability but can't figure out how to get the Tom Tom to recognize it. Do I first need to back-up and clean out the memory of the Tom Tom itself, then insert the card and then load in the software and maps? Also I think it only works with the basic SD card right?
    kmalcolm1, Aug 19, 2008
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  2. kmalcolm1


    Sep 22, 2006
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    CA Bay Area
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    The type of SD card depends on how old it is. In any case, a 2 GB SD card would work.

    You don't have to erase anything if you want to download the map to a card. You have to make sure the card is formatted for FAT 32. When you plug your device into a computer, the card should appear as well as the TomTom device itself. If it does, and it is FAT 32, you are ready to go.

    Make sure you back up your device with windows explorer before doing anything.
    GAW, Aug 19, 2008
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