TomTom ONE 3rd Edition-adding POI Hard Rock

Feb 29, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
ONE 3rd Edition
I am extremely new to this TomTom ONE and need to figure it out. The "sales rep" at Best Buy said I could load my maps on my PC to see where I have been.
Secondly I want to add POI's. It would be nice to just touch the screen when I am at a certain location and have that POI automatically added (I can then add a name to the X).
Thirdly, HOW DO I ACTUALLY ADD POI's? I know this sounds simplistic but I am not savy enough yet on using this thing. I know it takes time. I have read past blogs about writing code into the ONE. Is this the only way possible since the ONE does not have the "Manage POI" icon located under "Change Preferences".
Fourth, Can I use any program out there to create POI's (ie. Hard Rock Cafe's), connect my ONE to my PC and then load the POI's to the ONE?
Fifth, if a location I am looking for add as a favorite (ie, HOME) is not found on the map (new subdivision), can I get close and then perhaps "move the crosshairs" to the exact location?
Sorry for rambling, I just want to make the most of my TomTom ONE 3rd Edition. Thanks.


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