Tomtom One 2nd Edition problems

Sep 9, 2010
I've had a Tomtom One 2nd edition for some time now, and it was working perfectly until now. Whenever turned on there is a picture with the SD card being inserted and a Cross on it. Tried everything (resetting it etc etc). I called up Tomtom and as ive never backed it up before, they told me its corrupted and I'd need to buy a new map. Problem was that whenever I connected any of the devices to the computer (TT and SD card) It wasnt able to read and prompted me to format.

Is there anyway I can kinda hack it to get the map back onto it without purchasing one online from the site? The price just seems silly for a file, and to be honest I'd rather just buy a new one for a little bit more, or even buy the app on my iphone.

Any advice would be great.



Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
TomTom Model(s)
Go 50; Go 520
Do you see a map folder on the card when you use Explorer to look at the contents of the card?

If so, try this.......

Make an Explorer backup of your card's contents. Don't use Home.

Once the backup is on the computer, format the card. Don't use quickformat.

Restore the backup.

See if that helps.

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