tomtom no longer full post code /zip code search

Sep 28, 2009
ive recently upgraded to the tomtom 1 xl iq routes,and what a dissapointment.How can a company such as tomtom take such a majot step back?.If you are considering buying a new gps/satnav i would suggest you look elsewhere.On the previous version of tomtom if it asked you for a stret number you could ignore this and simply hit the done button.This would route you to the full postcode you hadve inserted.With the latest version,you are required to insert a street number when asked,and can not avoid this.On my first encounter with this" upgrade" i found myself in the right road,wrong village,3.5 miles away,purely because i didnt know the street number,only the name of the office block i was going to.Just this week in london,tomtom put me 1.5 miles away from my destination for exactly the same if you use tomtom for business as i do,i suggest you follow my answer to the problem,list it on ebay and purchase a garmin.


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