TomTom navigator 6 on Wndows Mobile 6.5 ?

Oct 30, 2009
I have upgraded my phone to a windows mobile 6.5 but unfortunately the TomTom navigator 6 does not work.

I have called TomTom customer support to ask if there was any way to use it as i have so many maps (and having it with you all the time) but the answer i got was " we are no longer interested in producing PDA navigation" while on the other hand they are making this application for the iphone. What a lame excuse!!

Anyone has any idea whats really happening? Or how to use it on WM6.5?

Any input is greatly appreciated



Feb 24, 2008
Sorry I didn't see your post earlier (I didn't notice the seperate Navigator section.)

I think you and I are victims of another company that has thrown all of it's resources into the iPhone world and written off all their old customers. I only hope that Google expands their app beyond the Android world (and Yahoo & Bing & others go there too) so that all the iPhone people abandon their new best friend.

Check out this article from Yahoo Tech:
GPS cell phone apps challenge standalone devices by AP: Yahoo! Tech

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