TomTom Live services drop after a while

Jun 16, 2024
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Hi, my name is Daniel and I have Go Discover Camper Max TomTom navigation with Premium Services subscription. I hook it up using bluetooth tethering on the hotspot of my iPhone SE 2022.
Here is the thing:
When entering my destination and starting the route and driving off, I see that the traffic services are active. However after a mile or so, I get the 'car-with-cross' symbol in the righthand corner, underneath the distance and traveling time, indicating that live-services have dropped, even in an urban area, with ample cellphone reception.
This is pretty annoying and you do NOT want to fiddle with the settings when driving, so I decide to run a simulation at home and the same thing is happening. There is cellphone reception, bluetooth is connected, subscription active, MyDrive is connected etc., the first things that came into mind.

Consulting the TomTom help pages indicated that in the data/ privacy settings of the system there is a slider : Use my location and data to receive TomTom services, has to be enabled (which it is). When I toggle it off and on again (press Ok on the warning) and return back to the route, the TomTom services seems active and live again ('car-with-cross' symbol is gone).
So it seems that my Go Discover system does 'forget' my privacy settings ??? Again, while driving, you do not want to alter these settings.
Is there a fix to this problem?

Thanks a lot.

Regards, Daniel
Instead of using a Bluetooth connection, use your phone's Wi-Fi hotspot.

Can't a Go Discover also be a Camper Max?
Hi Willy875, thanks for the reply. I tried connecting to the wifi hotspot only (disabling bluetooth) and this gets me the same behaviour: live services dropout after a while.

In my online product settings: GO Camper Max 7" is stated. On the device in System Info TomTom GO Discover is displayed. Serial number YCxxxxxxx.
Serial number YC = corresponds to a GO camper max.

Is the triangle that indicates your current position on the GPS grayed out or blue?
To try in the System menu, select reset your device to default settings then after resetting your device, wait an hour and then check if your device can connect.
After reset my device still cannot connect after a few hours to TT services. Will try again tommorow. Although can still login to mydrive tomtom website ...
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So it seems that my Go Discover system does 'forget' my privacy settings ??? Again, while driving, you do not want to alter these settings.
Is there a fix to this problem?

Thanks a lot.

Regards, Daniel
No - what's happening there is that by shutting down your communications with TomTom HQ, the Discover's BT connection back to TomTom HQ is shut down. When you once again permit comms with TomTom HQ, the BT connection is newly recreated by the Discover, and works for as long as it works.

iOS has had some issues with BT for several releases (and not just with TomTom devices), but I'm surprised to hear that using the WiFi hotspot isn't a rock solid solution.
Thanks Canderson for your input. After the system reset to factory init, it took quite a while to re-connect to TT HQ again. Unfortunately the iOS BT issue remains persistant and also the hotspot-only option is not rock solid, like you mentioned. Live services keep on dropping after a while as I tested.

So what are my options/workarounds?
1) Buy a (cheap) Android phone and use that dedicated in my car
2) Do not make use of TT services and cancel my premium service pack subscription
3) Switch to Google maps on iPhone or TT Go
4) Use my old iPad with iOS 15.8.2 might be a workaround. Googled and BT iOS issues started with 17.2.1 version. (have to test this setup though ...
5) ...
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It's just an idea.
If you have another phone, you can try testing if you can connect to the service.

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