TomTom Home versus 720 Main Menu

May 13, 2008
I have had my Tom Tom 720 for a month. I have never been able to use Home for Iternary Planning since the main menu on home does not match the main menu on the device. I have contacted TT support and they gave me some indication that it was a know problem but I have not seen the problem mentioned in any user form. I have version of Home. Anybody else with this problem?:confused:


May 15, 2008
I have precisely the same issue that you describe. In that when using the Home software the functionality to create and subsequently manipulate an itinerary is not available, although the same functionality is present when using the TomTom itself rather than Home.

I have seen the issue discussed on a couple of other sites, and I think also in this forum (although where exactly I can't recall now). I also read somewhere that the same issue was present on the 920 (I think), and that that was caused by a more recent software version (although I don't recall what version of software was required).

Whether that change in functionality was an intentional design change, or a regression with the later software release I have no idea.

Hopefully it is nothing more than a minor regression in the software, and the functionality will return in the near future.

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