TomTom Home 2.8 Update Forces Navcore update?

May 23, 2008
I just got notice that my map subscription was expiring so I figured I'd update, since I wasn't sure I was going to renew. When I opened TomTom Home, it needed to install a "critical" update. I had been running 2.7.something, and this was updating to 2.8. I updated Home and then went to update my 920. I noticed that there were no new maps, but the checkbox for the Navcore software looked checked and not accessible, so I couldn't uncheck it. As a test I started the update process and saw that it was indeed going to download Navcore 8.351. Because of the Bluetooth issues, I have been running 8.302. Now it looks like any update to my TomTom using Home will force me to update to 8.351.

Good thing I checked before updating my map subscription. Guess I'll be leaving my maps as is.



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