TomTom Gods Help me....GPS Signal slow when it used to take 30 seconds.

Jun 11, 2007
Alright folks, so I think I did an update that made things not so happy....either that or a hit a setting and now I'm confused.

I used to have satellite signal within seconds of booting my TomTom, now it takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes. It is so annoying, does anyone have any ideas?

TomTom info

TomTom ONEv4
App 6.560
GPS 1.21
Boot 5.05
Map USA/CAN 665.1293

Any ideas?
Alright so in attempt to figure out this mess I formatted my Tomtom and reinstalled a backup from day one (before updates). It didn't seem to help any either, as things took 2 minutes to find a satellite.

I'm beginning to think I have a defective unit, or something bigger is happening.

Any thoughts?
Just downloaded the GPSquickfix file when I plug it into tomtom HOME. Still nothing at all....aka 5 minutes till satellite fix.

The weirdest thing is that I will have anywhere from 5-7 satellites all with full power, but they will all be greyed. They also fluctuate, like they are actually reading the correct signal. I have no idea what is going on, but apparently it isn't just me (I have found 4 other people with the same problem, no fix).

Any ideas I'm willing to try.

Thanks guys and gals
Good Idea....gave it a whirl and it didn't seem to help all that much. Took around 2 minutes, but I assume that is just it should be around 30 seconds if I remember from when it actually worked right?
Is the time on your unit set correctly? If it is waaay off it could be confused by the sat times.
hmmmm...something is amiss in the tomtom world.

where are you guys located at....i'm in NC right now. just seeing if this is location based (probably not).
Mine usually comes up with the Sats pretty quickly, but sometimes it takes a couple minutes. I would say 75% less than 30 seconds and 25% up to 3 minutes. No reasoning behind it. Sometimes it takes the longest when I just turned it off 20-30 minutes before. You would think it knew where I was already.....

I am in Charlotte area, but travel all over NC/SC. The Quickfix doesn't seem to make it any better or worse. Does anyone think it really helps? Seems the same to me with or without updating it.
I guess there may be satellite variances at random. It always help to have a clear view of the sky when setting it up.

Also, as I've been able to understand, the QuickGPS is just a set of a algorithms that help the unit to determine the position of the satellites, so the signal fix doesn't take that long (the unit knows aprox where to look for signal, instead of staring at the great blue sky for a clue) :p

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