TomTom Go720 and Palm Treo 755 - Phone book won't sync completely?

May 25, 2008
I have a Palm Treo 755 through Verizon Wireless. Says that it has all of the features, phone book, messaging, etc. I went through the instructions listed in another post here and got it kind of set up. It "found" my phone book entries, but only the ones Verizon automatically puts in your phone, #bal, #pay, etc.

So clearly, it's connecting, but why isn't it transferring everything?

Also, messaging doesn't work either.

I don't care about the traffic thing, I just want my numbers and messaging to sync. I have a data plan with VZW. What am I missing here?

Thank you so much in advance!


I have the same issues with my treo 700wx, Messaging, (complete) phone book and data are just not compatible.

I think if you contact verizon and pay to enable some sort of tethering for laptops etc you can do the data plan but I haven't talked to them to try this yet.

As for the phonebook, I think it's just grabbing the wrong file of info, if you to a hard reset on the phone you should have those default numbers in the phone book I remember, so it's pulling from some stored default, if we can find where and add our numbers to this than we can solve that issue.

The other issue is messaging and I haven't a clue, bluetooth and the treo's just aren't very good. Even my headset sucks, I can pick up a call and hang up and call the last person, but I can't use any of the other features that are available like I could with my older non-treo phones.

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