Tomtom GO5000 Model4FL50

Dec 30, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
GO5000 model 4FL50
Can someone please give advice on the following; How do I transfer all my saved locations from a Garmin Nuvi 205W to my new Tomtom GO5000 Model 4FL50?
Are you asking about how to save your 'favorites', as we call them in TomTom parlance? If so... there is only ONE way to do this, and it is quite awkward because that TomTom STILL has not provided any mechanism for moving *.ov2 files directly to the x000 or x00 series units, and doing so is predicated upon access to another TomTom unit! If you don't have another TomTom unit, you will have to re-enter them by hand. If you have access to a 2nd TomTom unit of an older vintage, let me know and I'll explain how to easily convert your Garmin's *.gpx file to *.ov2 and get it onto your 5000.
I thought TYRE could be used but while starting to type realised that this for which the old TomTom is needed.
Yes. Because TomTom has so far refused to allow the Transfer Assistant to move a favorites.ov2 file to the x00 and x000 units directly from a folder on the PC, and instead requires it to exist on a different TomTom for the transfer to occur, there is presently no way to accomplish a transfer of such data without access to a 2nd (older) TomTom unit. Since the content is held somewhere on the PC during the transfer process, I do not understand why TomTom has not modified the Transfer Assistant to make this possible.
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thanks for the feedback,I think its better to pack it back in its box and donate it to someone who still has the time to do it manually. Looks like the technology on the Tomtom GO5000 is not up to standard. It's like buying a new car with a model T-ford engine in it. I think i,ll stick to my Garmin. I just hope my wife don,t read this, as the Tomtom was a birthday present from her! She was convinced by a smooth talking salesman to buy the thing!!.
Pick up a decent slightly older unit (one of the 1XXX or 2XXX models) and I'll have your Garmin favorites onto your new unit in a jiffy. The problem is just these brand new 400/500/600/5000/6000 units.

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