TomTom Go LIve 2050 Australia Manual

Aug 25, 2011

I've just purchased a TT GOLive 2050 AU & there's no CD with the Reference Manual or User's Guide included in the box ... not sure if there is supposed to be.

I've tried the TT site, including the Aussie site & others, but can't find the 2050 manual anywhere.

The closest I can find is the manual for the TT GOLive 1050 -- TomTom-GO-10xx-en-GB-v2.pdf.

Anyway, does anyone know where I can D/L the TT GOLive 2050 manual?

Here's what I did...

I went to the normal UK page I have bookmarked for TomTom manuals. (TT Manuals)

I then changed the country to Australia (top right)

I then selected "More" from the "Manuals and user guides" section

I then looked in the "Refine search by product model" drop-down list, and under "Car navigation, the first entry is for "Go LIVE 1050 / Go LIVE 2050" I suspect the manual is exactly the same for both.

The actual download link is
Andy_P, Thanks for looking & replying.

Yep, that's the manual that I D/L'd. However, when I spoke yesterday to TT Support in OZ they said there were some differences between the 2 models. So I was expecting either another manual or some references to those extra 2050 features in the manual. But there isn't.

If I remember correctly, the GOLive 1050 is sold in NZ & the 2050 sold in AU. I guess the extra features available on the 2050 are to do with the LIVE functions, rather than the unit itself.

BING !! Have you really got a phone number for TomTom Australia support? Could you please post that number here for my benefit in particular. Many thanks
+61 2 8875 1700

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