TomTom GO 5200 - Unable to update due to limited memory

Jul 8, 2024
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I have owned this TomTom GO 5200 for nearly 15 years.

I do not use it often but am trying to update the maps and software.

When I do so, I receive an error message "Not enough space. To create free space delete any maps that you don't use."

I proceed to delete maps but I receive another error message "Ops. Something went wrong. Please try again." I am unable to delete any maps.

I have installed a fresh micro SD card. Formatting it for "Maps". System recognises the SD Card showing: "0.00 B Internal Memory. 14.82 GB Memory Card".

Any one has encountered this and has a solution?

If not, I am thinking of factory resetting the device but might refrain as I do not want to brick it.

Thank you.
GO 5200 is a recent GPS so you cannot use this GPS for 15 years.

I assume you are trying to delete maps from GPS via wi-fi?

if via wi-fi do not connect your GPS to your computer.

To work, your GPS needs a small map installed on the GPS's internal memory.

Sometimes resetting the device to factory settings can help.
Thanks Willy875

I have tried it without connecting to the computer, just to a wall socket and I am still unable to delete maps.
You cannot delete all Maps how many maps are downloaded to your GO 5200?
My solution (TomTom 5100 with 5200 firmware): Put an SD card (I have 32GB) in the device. Go to mydrive connect, remove all your maps and reinstall on SD card. Problem solved.

32GB will currently hold Europe, USA, Canada & Mexico maps with 14GB available.
What I did was install Ecuador map on internal memory and then Europe on external SD card.

After doing an update I usually have to select the European map to continue but it works for me.
I found you can also delete many if not all bar 1 voice type to gain some memory.

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