TomTom GO 500 questions

Oct 30, 2009
Hi guys. Been with this forums for years and this is the first time post on this forum as I got a question regarding the new GO 500.
Trying to get this for the free lifetime traffic. I know that it is tethering my phone's bluetooth data for the traffic. However I have to use/connect my phone via bluetooth for incoming calls as it will stop my music when a call comes in. This is not the case if I use it with my GPS.
So my question is can my phone's bluetooth connects to both devices at the same time? One is the vehicle and another one with the GPS for the traffic data. I thought bluetooth only allow me to connect to one device at a time. Forgive my ignorance if that's not the case.
Thank you.
It depends on the phone, but in my case, it will connect to both (3 in my case) devices at the same time.
You have to download an app on your phone (TomTom MyDrive), and it will run in the background, and connect to your device when it is on (Android, don't know about iOS)
I think the buzzword is "Multipoint ".
I'm no expert, but from what I've read most older devices can PAIR to several devices at once, but only CONNECT to one at a time.

Newer devices with the Multipoint feature can connect to more than one simultaneously.

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